Checking My Hosting Provider

Hi, I need anybody from Cloudflare support, to check it for me. I didn’t sure if my hosting is with or under Cloudflare. This is my domain - I’m asking because I want to make a subdomain. Thus, I need to confirm who is hosting it. Thank you.

You shop is hosted at Shipify.
Your domain is hosted at digitalocean.


I already asked them before, and they said is hosted on Cloudflare. Here is the screenshot. I also ask Shipify, and they said it’s hosted on a different server.

Since your domain are using Digital Ocean DNS hosting, so if you want to create a subdomain, you have to login to Digital Ocean Control Panel and take a look at this video

Thank you for providing the video. It would be helpful. :smile:

Hi just want to update you. Yesterday, I reach them and ask again. Fortunately, from the reply they gave, seems like they said my domain is hosted with them. Thanks again. If there is any problem, I will reach out to you again.

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