Checking if the site connection is secure infinite loop

I’m attempting to use a website that is being secured by Cloudflare and I cannot gain access to the site anymore. Every time I complete the CAPTCHA I’m met with an infinite loop to recomplete it again and again. What can I do to whitelist my IP address?

I’d give it a try from incognito mode, clear cache & cookies and/or try from a different browser…what is the name of the site?

It does work on incognito mode, and I’ve tried clearing cache/cookies multiple times. I am able to access it from different web browsers as well. I would like to continue to use the website in my default chrome browser and not have to open a new browser just to use that website. I would like to have it as a tab in my default web browser, it’s inconvenient to have a different web browser/incognito mode just to use the website. The website is

I’ve also tried disabling/enabling my network adapter and it appears I’m still under this looping security check.

If you are able to contact the site owner and let them know that a rule or setting is affecting your ability to access their site and they may be able to adjust their security settings such that you are no longer challenged.

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