Checking if the site connection is secure I'm stuck!

Checking if the site connection is secure

I’m getting this issue on random website.

[type or paste code here](

I have cleared my caches, and tried incognito mode, and a different browser, and a different IP address with my VPN on and with it off too. I’ve done an offline virus scan on my PC also. Nothing is working it’s doing to this to me on homechef too

Have you tried in a fresh browser profile with no addons?

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haven’t tried that but I removed addons. let me see if that helps.

I tried just now, still no luck

I noticed edge needed an update so I installed that.
another website that does this to me is homechef login

{“success”:false,“errors”:[{“code”:1000,“message”:“SSO failed. Please verify your email before sign in the support site”}],“messages”:,“result”:null} when I tried to file a support ticket and then check it.

Can you reach the sites on mobile? Have you tried incognito mode? As a justincase, have you scanned your system for malware?

I notice you had mentioned no addons, but are you/were you running any ad blockers?

I can get it on mobile just fine.
I just installed nord VPN and I’m having the same issue.
in fact I am logged in to my cloudflare account, it says “verify your email address”
when I click that link from my email I am getting stopped by this same issue again.
I’m not running any ad blockers at this time either.
I did a full malware scan last night with windows defender.
incognito mode doesn’t work.

I show your address as verified on your dash.

I guess you could publish a hotpot on your mobile and try connecting from your laptop. I am not certain that will tell you a lot as this all feels like it has to be something with your desktop system as IP does not seem to matter.

I figured out the solution. So when I purchased CCleaner premium i got a free VPN through an app called Kamo which is bundled with the purchase. I just uninstalled the Kamo app and I am no longer having this problem. so Something in the Kamo App is messing up. No matter as I purchased a year of Nord VPN now lol.


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