"Checking if the site connection is secure" got broke

I have made multiple attempts to resolve this issue, but unfortunately, it remains unresolved. I have attempted various methods to fix it, but it still seems to be stuck in its current state.

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I have no issue accessing this site. The browser check works as expected.

Do you have any extensions which my cause this to fail? Are you on an unstable network?

Such as???


Are you running an up to date operating system?

No, I turned off my adblockers and other stuff that make this fail. It still not working currently.

What do you mean?
(I use Windows 8.1)

This is now an obsolete operating system having reached EOL on 10 January 2023.

Works for me (still.)

Have you tried a different browser?

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For Windows it means a fully patched system running either Windows 21H2 LTSC, Windows 10 22H2, or any version of Windows 11. (Windows 11 21H2 will be unsupported in under two months).

As @anon9246926 pointed out, unsupported doesn’t mean that the system will immediately stop working. It does mean that security updates are no longer released, which means that vulnerabilities will remain unpatched. It also means that finding support becomes more difficult as developers stop testing that platform and the user group available for peer support grows increasingly smaller.

Trying another browser is a good suggestion. You can also try a new profile with no add-ons installed. If you have a VPN, you may want to disable it, or try another exit location if it supports that capability.

While the reasons to do so are many, you don’t have to move to a current operating system. I would consider Windows 10 22H2 which is supported until October 2025. There are also plenty of excellent Linux distributions that should run on hardware than is running Windows 8.1.

I hope you are able to get the site working in another browser for now at least.


you mean the reason is my operating system right?

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