"checking if site connection is secured" on most sites

on almost every website I go to on anything on my network (Mac, PC, iPhone) I get the “checking if site connection is secured” IE. builtinboston, Zoom. most of the websites will go through but if i’m on an app (like Zoom) it fails out when I try to do something like update because it can’t go through the checking process.

There are a few sites like instacart where it will give me the 1020 error on the Mac and PC and on the iPhone the app just says there is an error and can’t open. I have contacted them and they say everything looks correct on their side. As it’s affecting everything on my network I was wondering if I had been greylisted or something.

I have tried rebooting my modem and router and giving myself a new IP address and DNS. but nothing has worked. I work from home so it’s really affecting me so any help I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.

Just to give a quick update, this morning all the checks had totally gone away and everything was working. It was around 5 days in totally I was blocked. So to anyone in the future it looks like at this point it is a just wait for it to correct. (seems to be in the 5 to 7 for most people).

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