Checking if site connection is secure infinite loop

I am trying to access a course on Teachable as a client/student and I get the message “Checking if site connection is secure” infinite loop. I have tried everything adviced (different browser, incognito, blocking extensions, VPN) and nothing is working. I need to finish my course this week. I do not have issues accesing through my phone but it is so small and for that reason super annoying to do it that way. I cannot read what presenters are projecting. I need to watch it in my big monitor and download all the material in the process. Help, please. I emailed Teachable support email but they are super busy, they are taking forever to get back to me. Thank you!


It sounds like your network/browser may have been flagged, or there are some configurations on Teachable challenging your traffic pattern.

If you were able to access the site fine but not now, you can try:

  • Changing network.
  • Connecting to your mobile network instead.
  • Use another browser.
  • Use

Thank you. I did everything on the list. For the browser. I tried with Edge but it was the same. It only worked with Firefox.

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