Check your email and enter the token


I can not login via my second account on Cloudflare (I have paid plan) I see «Check your email and enter the token»

There are no letters from you, I checked all the folders. I also checked the spam folder. The password does not allow me to reset it either, since I do not receive emails. What should I do?

There is no way for me to contact technical support, although I have a paid plan, since I cannot log into my account. Wow. You have to write a request here from another account.

If you have login issues, complete the form here for assistance, It may be able to automatically resolve your issue and if not will allow you to contact support.

Note that this form only works when logged out.

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" Login Help

Please check the account email provided for a confirmation link. Once your email has been confirmed, your ticket will be submitted."

Again, I haven’t received any letters from Cloudflare ((( Emails from other addresses arrive without problems, I checked.

Did you proceed through that form when emails did not arrive and open a ticket or did it at least give you a ticket nunber? It should let you open a ticket through login-help if you don’t receive the email.

I have ticket 3005810. But you close it and don’t offer any solution. Once again I have a paid tariff. The computer I log in from has not changed. Just some kind of nightmare, maybe because Halloween is coming soon

I received the following response from Mail_ru support:

“Contact the sending site’s support team and ask them to provide:
— full text of the letter non-delivery report;
— or the full log of the SMTP session of sending a letter by the sender’s mail server to your address”

Can you provide this for me?

Cloudflare send me to solve the problem to Mail_ru, and they send me to Cloudflare. Vicious circle!

I see the agent replied on that ticket and the emails are being delivered.

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