Check your email and enter the token We have detected that you are signing in from an unrecognised IP address

Whenever we try to login to our cloudflare account it send the login tokan on email but we didn’t get any tokan on email as well as no one is able to login to the account. We use the free plan at that time its working fine but after we updated to pro we are getting the issues and there is not any option in the dashboard where we can do it by ourself. We are using your service and you are allow to block the suspicious things on the website but if the user is trying to login to the cloudflare account with the proper username and password why are you blocking them, you are not supposed to block anyone who has the correct username and password from login, even you should add that in your dashboard where user can restricts the access by the country and we someone want to secure the login they can do by enabling the 2 factor-auth but you can’t do by yourself. Just fix this and we don’t want you to block anyone from using the dashboard just if we need we will allow the 2 factor auth, also the email wasn’t received on the mail.

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