Check WARP device profile is being applied to a device

Hi all,

Is it possible to know - from the administration console or from the client - which WARP profile is being applied to a device?

I have several WARP device profiles created (with different Split tunnel and Local domain fallback configurations, and also using the Managed network setting) and I would like to know which profile is being applied to a specific device at any given moment.

Thank you very much!!


I also have this question as I haven’t found any way to do this through the Web GUI, the warp-cli command, or the API.

Things I tried in the Zero Trust Web GUI:

  • No device policy name in My Team>Devices>click device name to view profile
  • No device policy name on the “User Details” tab in the “Devices” section
  • I don’t see the device profile as an option for posture checks

From the command line (warp-cli) I tried the following options:

  • settings
  • status
  • warp-stats
  • account
  • devices
  • network

without luck.

In the API, there are numerous commands for getting/setting device policy settings, and getting a list of devices. However, the “Device Details” API call returns no useful info from what I can tell with the example response, and the “List Devices” API call doesn’t return the device policy name.

All this with no luck. This is important information, and it’s strange that there’s no way to access it. Does anyone know how/if this can be done? If not, how do we submit this as a feature request?


while there is no feature to do this, one workaround is to set the support url with different query strings for each device profile you have and then on the device you can just run “warp-cli get-support-url”.

You can also add a dummy Domain to Excluded IPs and domains like

Domain = “DefaultWarpProfile”

Description = “Default WARP Profile”

and then WARP client > Settings gear > Preferences > Advanced > Exclude Split Tunnels

and scroll to the bottom of the list to see which WARP Profile is applied.