Check out my new Cloudflare app!

Hey all … pretty proud that my new Cloudflare App is live in the app store!

Logflare - Tail your Cloudflare logs

If you ever wanted logs but didn’t want to pay for enterprise you can use this. Also no cost to either party (currently) for workers in apps so if you use the app you can get at your logs for free (currently).

Would love some installs. Taking feedback and feature requests!


So that’s really cool. Piece of feedback… it’s not initially clear where you go to view the logs (I figured it out reasonably quickly, but might include something in the app setup screen or a link to a FAQ from there).

Also, just after I installed it I saw a brute force login attempt in the logs and blocked that IP in the firewall. So useful insights in the first 10 minutes of having it installed. :+1:


@cscharff did you figure how to see filter rule log :slight_smile:
@chasers would be great if you can make it ignore cached files


@cscharff rad thanks for playing with it!

@user605 I have thought about that. Can probably pull that from the response header in the request / response cycle in the worker. At least put it in the logs so you know. Customizing the log fields in the Cloudflare App install process is on my radar.

btw just rolled out events/sec on the dashboard!

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Would be cool to have like file size as well.

Also, the black-green color scheme is cool, but it would be great having a better UI on the web app, it’s kinda hard to read and there isn’t really a need for it to be a full string text…

edit do not get my criticism in the wrong way, it’s great and I wanted something like that for a long time, I never had the time to build it myself…


Yeah at some point we’ll have structured logs which will let you do some more intelligent filtering and let me make the UI much more readable.

Figured I need unstructured anyways if people wanted to send over logs from random files.

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@cscharff How’s this?


App update submitted for approval. You can configure your log message order of fields, and choose from a lot more fields.

@user605 you will be able to add the field ‘Cache Status’ to your logs. Any request not containing ‘HIT’ you can route to another source. That source would contain any requests that were not served by Cloudflare.

@matteo you will be able to add ‘Content Length’ which if available is the size of the response in bytes.

Note: if you find a field is blank in your logs it means that header was not present for that request.


Update is in the app store it looks like!


One thing: in the website there is a ling to the roadmap, but the Trello board is not found.

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@matteo try it now:

I thought I had set it public but maybe not.

Also a couple updates for anyone reading…

  • Avg events per second on the dashboard
  • Last event date on the dashboard
  • Start of overflow source (if your source gets 5x more than average it will spill over to another source so you can see the cause hopefully)
  • Some admin stuff so I can see busy sources

I’d like to get some notification stuff done next week (email and texts at least).

Working now!

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wow this is a cool update.
thanks for updating.
i feel so good to see this active community.

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A couple new things this morning:

  1. You can now favorite sources which puts your favorites at the top of the dashboard.

  2. Email alerts!!

Click source edit:

Then you’ll be able to fill this out. Email alerts to yourself and any other email address you want.

The workflow for alerts goes like this:

  1. Create a source and send events to it.
  2. Create another source for your filtered events (the ones you want alerts for).
  3. Create rule that copies events from source A to source B.
  4. Opt-in to email alerts on source B.

For instance I have one source for all the requests going to I have another source for signups. I match against the signup welcome url and send those events to my signup source. Now I get an email for every signup that happens. I’m doing the same thing for 5xx responses, new features, etc.

Text messages coming soon too :slight_smile: