Check origin server SSL expiry


Before activating our site on Cloudflare I could click the padlock and view our SSL certificate. Now I see the certificate, naturally.

We are using Full (Strict) crypto so we still have our privately bought SSL certificate on our origin server.

Is there a way to view or check our origin SSL now it is proxied? I would like to be able to check its expiry date.

Also does Cloudflare warn when the origin server certificate approaches its expiry date?


You could either use the hosts file to temporarily redirect requests to the origin or use a tool like OpenSSL to establish an SSL connection to your server and check it that way.

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Thanks. Ok yes I thought about using my hosts file after posting the question. I’d just thought the Cloudflare dashboard might have had a tool for that somewhere around the crypto area.

Thanks, I will do that then!


You could also create an additional DNS record with a long, unique hostname, which you do not proxy. Though that still always leaves room for someone to discover it (regardless of how unique it is) and leak your actual IP address.

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