Check IP reputation on your dashboard


Can you add on the account dashboard an “IP reputation tools” ?
We can use AbuseIPdb or ProjectHoneypot
but they don’t explain why cloudfare lock/ban an IP address.
Specially when it’s an public IP address on an ISP box.

It’s very annoying to have 30% of Internet behing CDN Cloudfare and to have this kind of message for ages.
I cannot connect to cloudfare portal… the same message (and your email system support is no longer available) :frowning:


Connection is secure


Ray ID: 7821f31edd76d5a4
Ray ID: …

Performance & security by Cloudflare

I have to use a VPN to write down this topic.
Thank you in advance,

Antoine N.

I have the exact same problem.

I have a static IP, at an ISP here in Asia, on a commercial account now for better support. But Cloudflare has flagged my IP by default, even before I took possession. It’s been 9 months now but still low or terrible ip reputation at Cloudflare and I have to route certain traffic through VPN services on our router just to get out there.

Makes you think about centralizing “all of the internet” huh? :slight_smile:

Hey CF. Please provide a way to review, or at least get some insight into the issue as you ARE gating some 75% of the internet as it is right now.