Check if there is a block for Ahrefs Ps or our user agents AhrefsBot & AhrefsSiteAudit

Something blocks our Bot from accessing this website on a server level. Please, make sure, that our IPs are whitelisted and AhrefsBot & AhrefsSiteAudit user agents are allowed for crawling.
Also, ensure that you do not have any plugins or configurations that could be blocking us from accessing your site’s server (Incapsula, Sucuri, CloudFlare, ModSecurity, Safeguard firewall ). If none of these work, you should reach out to your hosting provider to check if they are not blocking us and have them allow us. You need to whitelist our IPs in the settings of Sucuri and Cloudflare. This should solve this issue
If it does not, that would mean the block might be on the server level so you would need to reach out to your hosting provider

This is the message I received from Ahrefs when I asked them why My Site Audit isn’t happening properly. How do I solve this problem so I can get accurate data?

Take a look at your Firewall Event Log at

If it’s blocked by Cloudflare, it should show up in that log.

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