Check if domain is blocked or not


Using Curl and DoH, how I check if Cloudflare blocks the resolution or not? In this example, I am querying a domain ( well-known for malware.

curl -H 'accept: application/dns-json' ''


You have to use the FQDN and not just the IP address ( - see

But - that domain just isn’t blocked - it’s not marked as Malware by CF’s provider, and Safe Browsing didn’t find anything. If you think it’s malware, report it at:

When a domain is actually blocked, like, you’ll receive an “Answer” with data set to


Hello Judge!

What about this query, how do you know if it’s blocked or not since it does not return any IP address?

$ curl -H 'accept: application/dns-json' ' name=vodafoneplus'
{"Status":3,"TC":false,"RD":true,"RA":true,"AD":true,"CD":false,"Question":[{"name":"vodafoneplus","type":1}],"Authority":[{"name":"","type":6,"TTL":86400,"data":" 2020071101 1800 900 604800 86400"}]}