Check if DDoSattacks actually have happened

Hello Cloudflare community,

I am a customer of a particular site ( which is using Cloudflare CDN/Proxy! I have found this by using this:

Recently, the owner of the site claimed that this site was under massive DDoS attacks (customers were getting 522 errors), however I am looking for some prove that this actually happened. It is my understanding based on documentation I read so far that Cloudflare takes a good care of DDoS attacks and at the same time quote: “Cloudflare masks your origin IP address for proxied DNS records so attackers cannot bypass Cloudflare and directly attack your origin web server”.

As you can see, DDoS attacks (if they ever happened) should go directly through Cloudflare and, if this is a case, some records and data must be available to Cloudflare team.

So, question is, how can I get any verification and information about this? Is there a way to see a traffic to a particular DNS over a time period? I know for sure that OWNER of the site who holds an account on Cloudflare has all those data, but I also know that he is not going to share this with customers. Essentially I think I need some help from Cloudflare to get this information. This is a serious matter because this site dealing with finance and things like this.

Thank you very mush.

I highly doubt that Cloudflare will disclose information/data from one of their clients to the public without their approval, especially if it was sensitive data such as that.
If you want more information about the DDOS attacks that Finiko is talking about, then the only option is to ask them about it.

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Thank you, arunesh90.
I don’t think the owner will be willing to provide any information related to DDoS, but I can try to ask him. In fact, I don’t want any private information, all I was looking for is just a graph where I can see a number of requests to server for a particular time period. I wanted to see some kind confirmation about abnormal load on the server with no further details.

Information such as how much traffic Cloudflare is processing for one of their clients is actually private and not publicly available.

One thing to also keep in mind is that it could be that the DDOS attacks Finiko is talking about were targeting systems that were not behind Cloudflare. Just because their webserver for is behind Cloudflare doesn’t necessarily mean that all their other systems are too.

Like I already said earlier, the only way to know more about the DDOS attacks and it’s specifics is by asking Finiko.

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