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I’m planning to transfer my hosting away from Cloudflare, but am not able to due to the 60 day period in which I cannot transfer away from Cloudflare. Does anyone know how I can check how many days left until I can transfer?


I’ve always had to do the math, so check through your email for when the transfer in was complete, then just add two months. Yes, that’s a few days over, but it’s a safe rule of thumb.

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It might be a good idea for Cloudflare to poll users about why they are transferring out as soon as possible.

I suspect that, for many, it will be because they did not realize, when transferring in, that they would no longer be able to user non-Cloudflare name servers, and they need that for some reason.

The ability to do that has been promised by Cloudflare (with no stated timeline) since last year, so, presumably it will arrive sometime this year. Perhaps, if Cloudflare could give exiting users some idea of when it is due, many of them would opt to stay.


you can’t set nameservers on a domain while with Cloudflare, but you can delegate a sub. e.g. can have NS

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Thanks @adaptive, great tip, I’ll give that a shot to see how well it works with a couple of different services.

That is exactly the sort of info that might encourage exiting users to stay, at least until Cloudflare becomes fully ICANN-compliant.

I’m guessing that it will work well with some but not others (the ones where they are using the name server as a way to confirm control of the domain).

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