Cheaper plan for Argo Tunnel

Hey Everyone,
I’m new to CF community. So if this is a wrong area please move it to the right ones (pretty please).

I absolutely love CF’s products but I’m only a personal user (mainly using free stuff and hosting a blog from a humble low powered NUC).

I was super intrigued by CF Argo tunnel. As I’m super paranoid of exposing my IP/ports to the world. I signed up for tunnel and its amazing.

I’m not here to complain about the price or anything, as CF does not force me to use it. But it would be beneficial (security wise) for people hosting their personal sites (maybe limit to 1 domain) to maybe have the following options?

  • A cheaper tier of Argo (with a limit of 1 domain) I’m happy to pay the usage but a reduced base fee
  • OR if we sign up for a yearly plan (ex monthly 5USD and yearly 2 USD/month=24USD billed at once and usage billed per month) similar to AWS EC2 savings plan…

Just my thoughts. Would love to see some options and open for discussion.
Cheers & Stay safe!

It’s only $5/month. I’ve not seen Cloudflare offer products for less than this.

Rather than trying to drop the server off the Internet by eliminating its public IP address, a better first approach would be to firewall off any incoming traffic that does not come from Cloudflare IP addresses.

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Thats a good point @sdayman. I will try that. Ty.