ChatGPT plugin and firewall

I have spent days trying to get ChatGPT plugins to be able to access the plugin I built, but regardless of what I try (and its been a lot), nothing works.

The json file is below, it recognizes and installs as a developer plugin, but cant get past the Cloudflare firewall regardless of firewall rules, developer mode, or anything that I have tried!

I have even set up an entirely different API server, but Cloudflare is still blocking it.

I have tried adding CORS, I have tried a Worker, but still everything gets blocked by bot mode, which I have also tried to turn off with no luck.

I have tried allowing all the URL’s through the firewall.

Still get blocked. Has anyone had luck getting a ChatGPT plugin through the WAF?

Unless you own your WAF rules will have no impact on a 3rd party domain. The second screenshot indicates a 400 error decoding the content which is not a block, but a parsing error which would seem to indicate you are sending invalid content to the origin server.

I don’t see anything in the screenshots above that indicate Cloudflare’s Bot mode is involved. Could it be Bot mode? Sure. But based on the singular response screenshot above it looks like your content is incorrectly formatted when sent to the receiving API.

Thank you for looking at that. I did add all three openai URLs through the firewall. I also changed up my flask to receive post / json and get / url parameters. And then it finally started working. Such a beautiful thing when it actually works.

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