ChatGPT access is blocked by Cloudflare from our egress IP range

ChatGPT is not accessible from all the enterprise companies that are using Broadcoms’s Cloud-based web proxy Cloud Web Gateway. This web proxy solution is hosted in GCP (Google Cloud) and it appears that Cloudflare is blocking the proxy egress range from accessing Here is the error that the users get;

ChatGPT is accessible from other cloud-based web proxy providers. Appreciate it if someone can help us with the process to get the WSS proxy egress range unblocked from Cloudflare. The egress range is available here Cloud SWG (formerly known as WSS) Ingress and Egress IP addresses

Website owners can literally do what they want to do with their websites, that’s beyond the control of Cloudflare, even when the website owner choose to use Cloudflare.

In your situation, only ChatGPT can help you with what happens on their website, and you will therefore need to contact them for further assistance.

… however:

Connecting through various hosting providers (and not directly through the IP address provided by your ISP) is likely to cause you problems from time to time, similar to how many website owners are (often purposefully) attempting to block e.g. VPN addresses from accessing their websites.

Many websites will likely frown upon you for things like that, and such things are decisions made by the website owner, and therefore nothing Cloudflare can assist you with.

I cannot get verified as a human is google blocking open AI chat gpt the issue seems it does not work with google and even incongnito. I uninstalled chrome and cleared cache and cookies with no luck.

Same here, within the last 24 hours

Same here, within the last 24 hours

Error with Permissions-Policy header: Origin trial controlled feature not enabled: 'interest-cohort'.

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