Chasing Cloudflare for Teams Sales Reply

Hi all,

I shot a request through the CF website to the sales team re. Cloudflare for Teams on the 30th of last month and have yet to receive a response. Unfortunately I didn’t get a ticket ID or similar either, but it was in relation to Cloudflare for Teams Enterprise access.

Grateful for any assistance.

Hi @t57893,

I’m sorry to hear that you haven’t heard back. I’ll escalate this thread to see if someone from Cloudflare can track down your request.

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No worries @domjh , these things happen. I appreciate you escalating the thread. If it helps CF, I submitted the request using the same email address associated with this account.

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Please can you open a support ticket from your Cloudflare dashboard just so we can help to route your ticket internally?

@t57893 please see my private message.

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