Charged without invoice

I was just billed for 45.00 USD but I do not see an invoice for this amount. I cannot submit a ticket because the form demands I submit a picture of the issue I am having. I am not experiencing a technical issue. I am experiencing a BILLING issue.

Customers on any plan type can submit billing, account and registrar tickets.

Select Billing on this screen,

Screenshot 2024-01-09 at 3.13.09 PM

Select Invoice on this screen

Screenshot 2024-01-09 at 3.14.13 PM

Following that path, I do not see a request for a screenshot.

Let us know the ticket number once you have it. I suspect it’s a timing issue, but my Billing colleageus will know for sure. Sorry for the issues.

Maybe this is the issue: Do you only issue invoices after you charge the customer? I was billed 45.00 USD but the last invoice shows PAID for 9.77 on Jan. 5, 2024.

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I believe invoices are delayed by one day for new purchases.

Hi there,

Yes, an invoice will be available on the Cloudflare dashboard within 24 hours of the account change.

I can see that there is currently an invoice for that amount on your Dashboard, dated January 10th.

For further follow-up I created a ticket for you, with number 3096810, with more details.

Can you please follow-up in the ticket?

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