Charged with Annual and Monthly both invoices

We subscribed for Pro Plan with Annual billing of $ 240.00 ($ 20.00 per month).

  • Now we are getting invoices for $ 25.00 per month.
  • Its very strange that we were charged $ 240.00 on day 1 and now $ 25.00 each month.

I wrote to support team twice- I just got some automated reply and no action form last 5 days.

please anyone from support can reply ?

Dear Team,

I am writing to express my serious concern about the recurring billing issue I have been experiencing with your service.

As you are aware, we have an active Pro Yearly plan subscription. However, for the past several months, we have been billed an additional $25 each month, which is unacceptable. I logged a case about this matter 8 days ago, and I am disappointed that no one has responded thus far.

This ongoing billing problem is unacceptable and needs to be resolved immediately. I expect a prompt refund for the unauthorized charges as well as an explanation for this error. Going forward, I also need assurance that our agreed-upon yearly plan pricing will be honored without any further unexpected charges.

Please provide an update on the status of this issue at your earliest convenience. I look forward to hearing back from you soon to rectify this problem.


CR Team.

Can you share your ticket number, so we can request escalation?

I found your ticket number in a duplicate topic which I merged here for you. Please avoid creating duplicate topics and tickets as it always makes it take longer for you and everyone else who needs help.


Please find the ticket number. #3271988, please assist us to resolve this issue.

CR Team.

Dear Cloudflare team,

kindly priorities our query, we also most reached another billing cycle, we already subscribed yearly we have been billed an additional $25 each month.

kindly resolve ASAP.

CR Team.

Your ticket is still in queue. It will be handled as soon as possible. You will receive a response on the ticket when it is being worked.


We’ve been waiting for a response from the Cloudflare staff for the past 25 days, and there is no SLA or TAT for the tickets…? This is not acceptable.

Please prioritize this concern before the next billing cycle.