Charged three times for nothing

I was trying to transfer my domain to Cloudflare three times and got some billing error for each try.
So I gave up and transferred my domain to another one registrar. Apparently next day Cloudflare charged my CC 3 times and no actual transfer has been done in Cloudflare.

I created a ticket #2503972, but there was no any meaningful solution given for more than a week.

According to other topics here it looks like it is a known issue at least from the beginning of 2022

Looking forward to get some solution.

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Hi there,

I checked internally and your ticket was raised 1 week ago and it was replied to & escalated to our Registrar & Billing engineering team on the same day. They’re looking into this and we’ll respond on your ticket as soon as we have more.


Thanks for the answer.

I am still confused: the fact is domain transfer has not been done by Cloudflare, but charges were made. So, my assumption is - all three charges have to be refunded in full.

So, the issue now is I got 2 refunds out of 3 charges.

And speaking of my ticket “was replied to”: I raised up the ticket 8 days ago, I asked about not getting refunds 4 days ago with no any answer from Cloudflare team, so I posted here.

Not sure what “Registrar & Billing” team does for it, but it is absolute fact there is no domain transferred to Cloudflare, and there is no reason to charge transferal fee.

I did reach Cloudlfare instead of raising up dispute in my bank on fact of charges with no actual service provided. But only thing I see is your suggestion to wait “we’ll respond on your ticket as soon as we have more.”.

Is it really requires 8 days to check if there is no domain registered in Cloudflare?


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Hi Anton,

This ticket is with our engineering team to fix the problem on our side. I appreciate this is a long delay, but once engineering are done we’ll reply to the ticket and we’ll make sure any charges that are incorrect are refunded for you.

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Hello there, I am still waiting for the refund,18 days passed

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I am chasing this with our team internally - the last time this was escalated we were still awaiting a remedy from engineering before we could reconcile things for you. Your ticket will be updated today with the latest - stay tuned.