Charged monthly business plan for a deleted name

I recently added a domain and setup a business account on a monthly billing basis being charged to my company credit card. The domain was removed from Cloudflare just a couple of days later but I was a bit surprised to be charged the $250 free about 3 weeks later for a new month of the business account for the deleted domain.

Looking in my account it still shows the subscription as active but when I click the ‘edit’ button absolutely nothing happens, it’s as if I haven’t clicked. The edit button on my other domain (which has a business plan) works fine.

I’ve opened a ticket over a week ago but haven’t had any response. Ticket number is 3273804. I’m hoping someone here can help me get a response from Cloudflare.

Hello @cloonan. Would you be able to flag this one for me? Thanks in advance.

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Hi! I have the same problem. My ticket number is 3293611. Thanks.

I have cancelled your subscription and the credit has been added toy uor account.

Hi @paul.eagles

I have cancelled your subscription and replied to the ticket.

I will close this post.

Dear Louise!

Thank you very much!

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Piggy backing on this topic as we’ve experienced the same issue but we’ve now been charged for 4 months (with the 4th being today) where we believe the zone only existed for max 1-2 days in the first month.

Would it be possible to look at ticket 3263415 for the same issue?