Charged me twice for a Business Account but without the benefits advertised. Been 6 days and no answer from billing

Provide the steps you followed prior to the issue so we can reproduce your problem:

So I have been setting up a proxy pass system between cloudflare’s 1domain, 2domains accounts and one other domain (xdomain) that has been setup with AWS.

I was having issue in bypassing a 403 error so that the content would be shown in xdomain

i did everything i could with the accounts:

I allowlisted both ips and domains using the following steps:

WAF >> custom rules (ip e domain)
WAF >> tools (ip) e
and switched off Browser integrity allowlisting through config rules Security >> settings

still it wasnt working.

I though it could have something to do with the account (server rules) being limited for being a Free subscription. i upgraded first the 1domain, then 2domain. Nada - didnt work.

Because I saw that I could get access to support through chat (immediately - as advertised) i signed up for the business account. Got charged - first time.

still i didnt have access to live chat.

cleared cached. signed in again, and though i had been charged, it still said my account was PRO.

so i signed up again (another charge) for a business account. and still i couldnt see the live chat. and i now was having not 403 problems but 1001 errors with DNS.

all and all I got charged 2X for a pro and 2X for a business account in the same afternoon and didnt get anywhere.

can you please refund me those charges and downgrade my accounts to free. as we managed to find a solution in the end with a different provider.

many many thanks!

Hi, I noticed your ticket 2767956 with Support and have added myself to it to track progress. I’ll flag your post here for my colleagues on the Billing team.

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thank you so much cloonan. big fan of you guys. im sure this was all a glitch of mine.

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As I was escalating the post I was trying to determine why you could not do what you wanted to do, but not certain I understood/understand this comment

Actually, I am certain I was confused by it!

Nonetheless, a couple of things strike me, first it is not apparent why a plan upgrade might be the solution, second you should not have to pay twice for the same plan / nor purchase multiple plan types.

While we wait for Support, maybe we can get your use case working, let’s start with can you explain this still it wasnt working.. What steps did you take & what error did you encounter?



i have one Cloudflare account but 3 domains set up. let’s call them domain1, domain2 and domain3.
when i proxy passed the domain1 to domain2. everything worked.

when i proxypassed domain1 to an outside domain, let’s call it domainX, using AWS that’s when the issues started happening - in Cloudflare’s end.

all i was getting was a 403 forbidden from Cloudflare. i enabled all the rules there to bypass the 403. nothing happened. still 403 from CF.

i thought maybe the free account wasn’t accepting some of the rules we had setup to bypass the 403. both at path and ip address. so i went ahead and upgraded the free to a pro account.

i then got surprised to see that i just had signed up for a pro account, not at Cloudflare level, but at a domain level. unluckily a pro account the wrong one - domain2.

because i’ve never experienced a no refund strict policy like yours, i went ahead and bought another pro account.
this time at the correct domain that i wanted/needed to maybe get the rules working - domain1

clear so far?

still nothing was working. i needed to get support but i didnt have 3+ days to wait.
so when i read i could get “immediate access to support through chat” by signing up for a business account - i didn’t think twice.

i paid once - at the correct CF account + domain level. but the chat never worked. all i could see was still the advertised CTA to signup for a business account - and get immediate access to support. cleared cache. signed in again. twice. nada
tried with a different browser. nothing.

so i thought - payment didn’t go through? so i ended upgrading twice to the same account. which technically shouldn’t even be possible (unless there is a bug).
only to realise a few hours later three things:

1 - my account was still labelled as a pro account - and there was no chat nor immediate support to help me
2 - i had been charged twice 200 bucks
3 - i still had a problem in my hands to solve

please note that i did this, together with my tech lead - so it isn’t because we didn’t know what we were doing.

is this now clear(er)? :slight_smile:

Hello @antoniomendes

Our team has escalated the billing issue to our billing team.

all i was getting was a 403 forbidden from Cloudflare. i enabled all the rules there to bypass the 403. nothing happened. still 403 from CF.

Did you check which security rule was triggered under security events?
I’m not sure which domain, IP or path that is seeing false positive,
we will need more information to understand why the bypass rule is not working.
Based on the context, you might need to create exception under managed rules instead of creating bypass rule when you are using the old firewall rule.

If you are hesitating to disclose the domain name and details here, it would be great if you can create another ticket for the false positive issue, and share the ticket number with us here.
Kindly include which domain is seeing the error and also Ray ID, IPs and path of the requests will help us to locate which false positive that you are referring to.


we did.

thanks for helping me understand in what ways i could have fixed the issue. but not only we implemented all things to “disable” the entire firewall and security blockers from extenal services. With all due respect, this help now is a bit too late.

we have found a way around it without using Cloudflare. Mainly because of the story i had to go through :frowning:

we no longer need tech assistant. but we would like to get a refund as it isn’t fair that now the money is credited and not returned. If you see the story it is clearly a bug in Cloudflare’s end because I upgraded the business subscription to the same domain - twice! how can you even upgrade to something you’ve already paid and subscribed to?

unless you are ok with that - which is not ok for your customers.

hope you guys understand. but please look at your logs, look at your bug files - the issue was in Cloudflare’s end.