Charged for transferred domian

I added a domain to my Cloudflare account and bought a pro plan for it, but it did not satisfy me so I transferred my domain to another platform but today I received an email that said I was charged for that transferred domain again for the following month!! now, how can I withdraw that money??

Did you transfer the domain to Cloudflare Registrar or just using the NS setup?

No I registered my domain in “namecheap” and I just wanted to use Cloudflare’s cdn, so I just changed the domain’s NS to add it to Cloudflare, I bought pro plan for it for last month but it did not satisfy me so again I changed the damoin’s NS and transferred it to another cdn platform, but yesterday they charged me again 22$ for a domain which is not on their website for at least 3 weaks!

You should open a billing ticket here

Thank you🙏🏻, I did it yesterday but unfortunately nobody has answered yet

It is the weekend, so it might take a bit from them to respond.

Yeah you are right :+1:t2:

@ekobraei did you cancel the Pro subscription or remove the zone from your Cloudflare account? Cloudflare will keep charging you until one of those things happen.

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