Charged $500 for R2 Bucket

Woke up to find out I was charged for $500, apparently I had over 100 million write operations last month, even though I only had like 2-3 million max. Additionally there is no usage bill or price expectation for the next month, so you can’t look over your expenses. Support doesn’t answer too. I am not paying that $500.

It sounds like you have opened a ticket with billing which is the right avenue. I would recommend reviewing your usage to help the billing team understand what discretionary may exist.

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Well, I’ve reviewed my usage as much as I could, unfortunately you can only check the metrics for max 1 week, but everything is normal and I do NOT know how its even possible to get 100 million write operations.

Edit: Reviewed all my usage metrics, from 02/08/2024 to 03/07/2024 (the billing period I got charged for) and this amount did not even exceed over 1 million write operations…

Hi @epichris24,

Although we understand you need more information about an invoice, we can only provide you the mentioned information via ticket.

Our billing team will follow up with you in the ticket.

Hello @epichris24

Brandon here, taking over the Community shift for @malmeida

I have checked our system and I don’t see a ticket submitted for you. Did you ever submit one? If so, what’s the Ticket ID?

We cannot discuss billing details or specific account-related issues here. However, what I can say is, you have the ability to set a custom date range in the Analytics view for your buckets. “Last week” is one of the defaults, but under that is “Custom range” - where you can go back week by week and get a picture of your weekly average.

Let me know if you have any questions about this.

Hello, I have submitted a ticket here is the id: 3177522.
I’ve also went back the last month we the custom range feature, week by week. and the write operations definitely did NOT add up to 100 million. In fact not even over 1 million.

Thanks for mentioning the ticket ID.
I see the ticket is currently under investigation and awaiting a response from Cloudflare.
I will watch the ticket as well.

Thank you very much. I hope that we can resolve this issue.

Hi @epichris24

I will close this post as our billing team is on the ticket and working this out with you.