Charged 5 times

Hi there,

My invoice of the last month (1 domain plus Advanced Certificate Manager, issued the 22/05) have been charged 5 times on my PayPal account within 10 minutes. It’s the first time I’m encountering this error after 2+ years, and I’m a bit frustrated that nobody responds to my ticket, created some hours after the issue.
Should I contest the 4 faulty payments through PayPal ? I don’t really want my CF account to be locked because of this, but I don’t know if the CF billing team will be able to refund me or if a delays exists.

In cas of a CF team member looking at this, my ticket number is #3270285.
Thanks a lot,

I added this to the escalation queue, so someone from support will look when they are able to.


Hi @mathiasdepique, unfortunately our team is currently experiencing higher than normal demand for support services which is causing delayed response to our customers. Please expect a reply from them soon.


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