Changing your domain name servers to Cloudflare


How do you change your nameservers to work with Cloudflare?


In order to complete your Cloudflare setup, you must change your domain name servers to the ones provided in your Cloudflare account. The steps are as follows:

  1. Log into Cloudflare account and make note of your nameservers
  2. Determine your domain registrar and login to your registrar account
  3. Update your nameserver records to the Cloudflare nameservers
  4. Confirm your changes through the Cloudflare dashboard

For a more detailed walkthrough, with pictures, visit our Help Center.


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i sign up in could flare but last step is changing nameserver if i chagend how im suppose to see my script
this change is affect to my website shutdown in this step or what can you please tell me more



Once you replace your previous nameserver to Cloudflare provided nameserver, your website will live as soon as possible. There will be no significant downtime.