Changing website url

I’m changing my website url to a new domain and can’t work out how to set it up in Cloudflare.

I’ve searched on here but because of the ambiguous terms it comes up with things about forwarding.

My site structure will stay the same - just the domain will change.

So for example: will become

Can I just edit the old DNS settings on CF or do I have to change something else or add the new domain?

You have to add the new domain, migrate all applicable settings, and remove the previous domain.

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When you say migrate, is there a special way to do that or just copy and pasting settings?

Thanks for the help btw!

I wouldnt be aware of an automated way, so it would come down to good old copy, pasting. You might want to clarify it with support though, maybe there is some internal way to do that ->

Thanks!! :smiley:

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