Changing webserver for a site


I have moved my website to a new server, how do I update the DNS so Cloudflare points to the new one?

  • Mark


Thank you for asking.

In most cases, you just have to change a desired DNS record and make sure it points to the IP address of the new hosting/server (provided to you by your new hosting provider).

Usually, it’s the A and A www.

  • when you navigate to the DNS tab at Cloudflare dashboard, find that hostnames and right next to them click on the blue link “Edit” to change the IP address, therefore click on the blue button “Save” to apply the changes (wait for a minute or two)

Below tutorial could help you how to manage DNS recirds under the DNS tab of Cloudflare dashboard:

In case you might be missing some record, here are the instructions how to add a new DNS record:

More about the DNS tab:

Helpful article:

In case you need more help, please reply back.


Thank you very much, that worked perfectly!


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