Changing web host while migrating domains to CloudFlare as registrar

I am currently waiting for four domains to transfer to Cloudflare as registrar and my current registrar says this will take place on the 18th.

My web host has not been too reliable lately and I thought it was due for renewal in mid January, but just seen it’s actually at the start of January. I planned on moving to and they tell me they are only handling cPanel migrations up to the 17th before Christmas.

Given that these four domains are already pointing to Cloudflare as the nameservers is there any problem if I change web host on say the 15th or 16th? Guru just told me it should only be necessary to change the A records.

Changing the DNS records doesn’t impact the domain transfers in any way, since the issue would be if you were changing DNS provider, but you are not.

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Thank you that is good to know.

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