Changing & transferring of data to new name servers?

How can I change the name servers?
Reason behind this is because my back end coder who was co owner of the domain with me has left the internet and taken a huge break and I am not able to access any form of dns records etc because I don’t know their cloudflare account details.
Also when name servers change, what is affected?
Is it possible to also get the data from there account when handling dns stuff to my cloudflare so I can easily manage it if you get what I mean?
Thank you.

You’ll have to do that at your domain registrar, Enom. Did you register the domain or have access to the account that did? Otherwise you’ll have to ask your backend coder to transfer the domain to you.

Unfortunately not.

My back end coder is like completely gone from the internet so I have no way of getting into contact with them. What can I do?
I never had access to the enom/cloudflare account that has my sites stuff.

You can try contacting Enom and explaining your situtation but I doubt they’ll be able to do anything. You’d have to prove ownership of the domain which will be very difficult considering you didn’t register it. If you have a receipt of the domain registration you should send that along.

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