Changing to cloudflares nameservers



Hi There,

Im doing the initial setup and I’m looking at changing my nameservers at my registrar to cloudflares… but my registrar told me it could effect email?

This was their reply:
We generally don’t recommend to update Name servers as it might effect your emails, currently they are with google from what I can see here. Instead of changing name servers, please ask cloudflare to provide A record (DNS record - Ip address), so that you can update, which won’t disturb any thing in regards Emails."

I want to use cloudflare but im worried its going to effect my companies email or something else,

Any sugestions? What will updating my registars standard nameservers affect?


They don’t understand what Cloudflare is if they’re asking for their ‘A record’, they think Cloudflare is a webhost or something.

You just need to make sure all the DNS entries held in your DNS presently are also held at Cloudflare. Once this is the case then transferring to the Cloudflare nameservers will be fine. To specifically address your email concerns, make sure you have the five MX records needed by GSuite defined at Cloudflare prior to changing he nameservers over. Also you want to make sure the TXT records associated with you SPF (and DKIM should you have it) are specified.


Cloudflare is pretty good about copying over all of your DNS entries when you set up your domain here.

The setup instructions should have told you to verify that all your Cloudflare DNS entries match your original DNS entries. Once that looks good, you can change your name server at the registrar for a smooth transition.