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please kindly advise me. am currently using sitegrounds facilities this includes thier caching, CDN, and on a gogeek plan. i want to change from their cdn to Cloudflare. will this affect my website? i dont need to face any sec downtime. my website is a 24 hr operational site with orders coming through. secondly can i only purchase only an optimizing tool from Cloudflare and use on my site with out using the Cloudflare cdn.? please check my site and advice now. advise how can i make my site, 72% faster than it is now?
www dot fudchef dot com


You can improve load times, avoid traffic congestion, and reduce bandwidth usage with Argo Smart Routing. On average, web assets perform 30% faster with Argo.

Note that Argo is a paid addon and does require you to use Cloudflare’s CDN.

You can switch without any downtime, as long as you make sure all of your DNS records are imported before you switch nameservers. Note that any website hosts that require you to use their own nameservers are not compatible with Cloudflare (except in very specific scenarios), you’d need to get them to give you a CNAME or A record.

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