Changing to another webhost

Hi all,

I have 4 websites running cloudflare, although we have decided to change our web host service. I havent “moved” sites when using cloudlfare, so would like to get this right - all we have to do, is keep to the same nameserve; and alter the A in the DNS management. This is correct? We shouldnt have to change anything else? thanks

for my experience with cloudflare, I use to do that all the time, and more…

I have DNSSEC setup in my domains, with different .tld like .com and .eu all domains are configured in cloudflare DNS setup.

when I move from webprovider I got a different ipv4 than i just change the A line in cloudflare DNS setup and all is good. I dont even need to change DNSSEC settings in cludflare.

For a more secure connection from cloudflare to your new server you can setup a SSL origin that works only between your new IPv4 server and the domain you have in cloudflare. and all is secure.

with cloudflare free FULL Universal SSL you dont even need letsencrypt or other ssl certificate.

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