Changing the paid tariff does not work. Cloudflare error - urgent

I’ve been waiting for a simple change for 16 days now, still no success.
I absolutely need to change the PRO > to FREE tariff for one domain.
Automatic annual renewal is currently set (2.5.). I absolutely need to cancel it now. It hasn’t been working in the administration for a month now, it’s not possible to change the tariff!
Can someone finally help me please? I need that change this week.
Ticket: 3217245
Thank you very much.

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Is there any support for paying accounts please? I have been dealing with the tariff change for more than two weeks and still no one has helped me. Thank you very much.

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I see the replies on your ticket from my colleagues in Support and your note from earlier today indicating you’re still facing the issues. I’ve escalated you post here and let the team know you’re still having this issue. I also copied myself on your ticket to track progress.

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Hi @atlaso, apologies for the inconvenience.
This would be an issue with Engineering Team to manually action on your request.

An internal escalation has been raised and it is pending action.
There is nothing much which can be done at this point.

Please continue to check ticket for updates.
An Engineer is also assigned to manage the ticket, and will provide a update as soon as Engineering responds.

Thank you.

I still see in the administration: RENEWS ON May 2, 2024.
There isn’t much time left. Is it possible to solve this today please?
I find it absurd to spend almost a month dealing with a tariff change.
Thank you very much for assigning priority.

It is necessary to act quickly. Cancel subscription. Do it Today. A few hours left…