Changing the origin server

My domain is currently pointing to Cloudflare and I am planning to change the origin server. however, it is the same service provider so name server will remain the same.
According to my understanding, I have just to change the IP under DNS tab in Cloudflare and then Cloudflare will start fetching the data from the new server. right?
is there any additional changes that I have to do?
apart from DNS propagation time, any downtime will be expected?


The main thing is to make sure your new SSL configuration is correct before changing the DNS entry. Do you have a valid certificate on your new origin? What is the current SSL Mode?

You should also confirm that the firewall on the new origin allows requests from Cloudflares IP ranges. Ideally all other IPs would be blocked.

Should be no downtime at all unless

yes, I will have valid SSL on the new origin. what do you mean by current SSL mode? do you mean enable / disable?

I will whitelist Cloudflare IP on the new origin

On the SSL/TLS tab of the dashboard:

You have a valid certificate on your new origin, which is good. If your SSL mode is Full (Strict) then you can just make the IP change and should have no downtime.

(In the screenshot there is an SSL-Only-Origin-Pull option, which is good also, but only available on Enterprise plans)

My SSL mode is full only not full (strict)

So you can change the DNS without issue. Once you are happy the change was successful, you can change to Full (Strict).

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thank you so much @michael