Changing Super Admin Email Address

Our super admin left the company, and I’ve taken over his responsibilities. Previously, he had set me up as a regular CF administrator. I’d like to do away with that account and change the email address on the super admin account to mine. I first changed my account to another email address so I could reuse the intended one. When I try to change the email on the super admin account to that intended email, I receive an error 429, Too many requests. It is true that I tried changing the email address on super admin right after changing mine, and I received a different error to the effect that that email address was already in use. Then, every subsequent attempt produces the 429. Could someone guide me through this? I’d really like to change this so we don’t have to retain his otherwise obsolete email account just for CF. Thanks.

You can only change the address a limited number of times in a certain time span, trying waiting at least three hours or longer before trying to update the email again.

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