Changing SSL Encryption Mode

I’m facing a redirect loop, and was told by Cloudflare support that I need to change my SSL encryption mode to Full encryption.
However, when I log on the SSL/TLS settings, I’m unable to switch between the different options i.e. changing them is diabled.
Can anyone help me with that?

Many Thanks!

Could you please share a screenshot of the SSL/TLS settings tab?

Thanks for getting back to me. Sure!
Screenshot attached.

Has this domain been used with a Cloudflare Partner in the past? If you go to the overview page, do you see a message stating some settings are managed by your provider?

If I go to DNS records page, I get the following:

Do you currently use Bluehost as your hosting provider?

yes exactly

As the zone is controlled by Bluehost, you cannot change the SSL mode in the Cloudflare dashboard. You may be able to change the encryption mode in the Bluehost dashboard. If not, you will have to contact Bluehost support and ask them to fix the issue.

Alternatively, Bluehost offers an advanced mode that gives you full control of the zone on Cloudflare. However, this means you are responsible for configuring DNS records and zone settings correctly.


Ok, so I should contact Bluehost & tell them to change the encryption from their end you mean?

You should first check if there’s an option to do so in the Bluehost dashboard. If not, contact Bluehost support. You can send them a link to this thread.


ok sure.
thank you so much for your help!


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