Changing SSL Certificate

How to change SSL certificate to new ceetificate (i.e. sni****** to

Possibly by disabling Universal SSL, waiting some time, and then re-enabling. But it is difficult to say how long you would need to wait and if it were to work at all.

Overall, the current certificate should be eventually replaced and should be reason for any issues. So there’d be little point in trying to get that certificate replaced.

What if i delete the site and readding it? Work or not?

Try it, it could work, no guarantee though.

There are three solutions.

  • If you are on Free or Pro plan, get a Dedicated SSL at $5/mo

  • At Business Plan, there is a feature to add own SSL.

  • If you do not need proxy Cloudflare features and want to use DNS, then upload any SSL at origin.

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