Changing site nameserver from one cloudflare account to other

I currently manage my website’s nameservers and CDN through Cloudflare (using one account). and domain and hosting on Go daddy. Due to an organizational change, I need to switch my website to a different Cloudflare account. How do I transfer my website to the new Cloudflare account.

Just add the domain to the new account as you would normally. You can export the DNS records from the old account to a file, then import to the new account. Copy over any other settings (redirects, WAF rules, etc).

Once everything is set up ready, change the nameservers at Godaddy to the 2 Cloudflare nameservers allocated to the domain in the new account.

If all works ok, after some propogation time, the traffic in the old account for that zone should fall to zero and you can remove the domain from that Cloudlfare account.

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