Changing site hosting

Have migrated a site. Cloudflare still thinks the site is on old server and no traffic is showing. How do I adjust it to the new server, or delete the old domain in Cloudflare so I can set it up new? No obvious delete button??!

In your Cloudflare account, you just need to change the A record setting to the new IP of your hosting.


Thanks for the swift reply. I figured there would be a setting for this, but I can’t find it. Where would this be in the cloud flare control panel?

Hi @nathan4,

In the Cloudflare Dashboard, go to the DNS tab and change the desired records:


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I’m in the that page. It does look like the place to change it, but there is no method or button to edit.
Screenshot attached (URL obscured)

Now I can see that’s a Partner hosted zone. Unfortunately I will not be able to help you as I have no experience with this type of setup.

I hope some other member can assist you.

OK thanks. I can’t even see a way to delete this and start again fresh??

You must contact Media Temple. Unfortunately I am not familiar with their services.

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