Changing Server & new IPs

Hi, I am changing servers for about 60 sites, most of which use Cloudflare. Do I need to go into each CF site settings and change every IP? if so, when would be the best time to change them, that’s going to take some time. Either before or after I change the name Server IPs? I need to keep the downtime to a minimum. I am a designer who looks after hosting for my clients so please answer in simple terms where possible. Thanks in advance

Idealy you’d test one site and that should give you a basic idea for the rest of the migration. As for best time, depends on client but Friday evening~Monday monrning is my favorite time to get stuff done.

Thanks, would it be best to change the nameservers or CF IPs first?

Without knowing much about what you have, best guess would be to document everything, plan exactly what you’re about to do. After that, change the nameservers because they’ll take some time to propagate and while that’s happening, modify your records.

OK thanks. that sound slike a good plan. I use CF for my WordPress sites set up like this - How to Setup CloudFlare Flexible SSL for WordPress - Jonny Jordan

So two plugins -
Cloudflare Flexible SSL Plugin
WordPress HTTPS Plugin

  1. Sign up to Cloudflare
  2. Select the free plan
  3. Follow the step for adding your domain name
  4. When you have registered and set up your domain name, click on your domain
  5. At the top there will be a row of icons click on Crypto
  6. The first option will be SSL, select flexible SSL

Configure WordPress HTTPS Plugin’s Settings

  1. Go into the plugin’s settings
  2. Select yes for the proxy setting

Instruct Cloudflare to deliver our content via HTTPS

  1. Go back to Cloudflare
  2. Select your domain
  3. In the row of icons at the top select page rules
  4. Turn “always use HTTPs” on
  5. Add your domain name as the page rule in between two asterisks
  6. Click add rule

Change your WordPress Site Address (URL)

Finally change your Site Address (URL) to “https://”, but make sure you leave the WordPress Address (URL) as “http://”.

On my CF DNS settings I see the current IP in 10 records. I have 50 - 60 sites so am I looking at changing the IP address 500 - 600 times so switch to the new server? Or is there a quicker way around this? Maybe I would be better to remove and re add each site to CF? Thanks again.

Sorry to jump in here, seeing that just made me want to make you aware of this :slightly_smiling_face:

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