Changing server IP not working, reverts to past DNS records

I am updating the new IP for my server in DNS. However, after an hour or so, the DNS records go back to the old DNS records and my site goes down.

I have never seen such issue before. Can anyone help?

Hi, do you see anything on the Audit Log (
Also, could you share the domain?

the domain is I do not see anything suspicious on audit logs apart from rec Del and rec add entries. Rec add entries are certainly by me

If you can’t see anything on the audit and the DNS records keeps being changed, I would advise you to open a ticket so support can give you a hand checking why it is happening.

If someone on the community has seen it happen before, I hope they jump in and shed some light.

If you have no need for any external services modifying your DNS, I suggest you Change your Global API key:

You’ve likely configured something to manage your DNS by providing a 3rd party service your API key… Ezoic is the most common culprit. You’ll want to manage that app’s settings.

Thank you. Just did. I hope it solves the issue

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Oh yes. I did give access to Ezoic. Are you saying I should not give them access at all or are there some specific settings?

Zero idea what Ezoic does or how / why one would configure it. I assume there’s a bug in their software or they don’t do a particularly good job of explaining to customers what they are signing up for but :man_shrugging:. Probably best to clarify with them.


Thank you for pointing that out. Have changed the global API key. I hope this solves the issue :slight_smile:

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