Changing proxy when you can't log in to your account

[#2202017] (Cloudflare Help Center)

I have a paid account that I cannot access b/c I cannot receive the verification email from Cloudflare.

I believe I cannot receive the emails because I have an email record or two that are set to proxy, which I believe is incorrect for email records.

It was suggested to me by the sales team to create a free account so that I could access and seek help this way.

Is it possible for Cloudflare to check my email settings in the account associated with my help ticket #2202017 (Cloudflare Help Center)

Hi @cogent1,

Did you manage to get this resolved? If not, make sure the ticket is open under the account you cannot access by emailing [email protected] from the email address on that account.

Yes, this is resolved now.

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