Changing Proxy A Record IP

My A record is proxied so the Cloudflare IP address shows up as the server IP. The IP address that is coming up is on the Spamhaus ZEN block list. Is there anyway to change what the proxied IP address is for my website? Thanks!

This sometimes happens and eventually the IPs get removed from the block list.

Ok that’s great. Is there anyway to change what the proxied IP address is for my website?

No. As far as I know that cannot be done. Cloudflare proxy IPs aren’t ever going to be relaying email, so their inclusion in the Spamhaus Zen DNSbl should not matter unless you have email recipients that are using the list data in an unorthodox fashion, such as resolving URLs in message bodies or blocking HTTP requests. That says volumes more about their competence than it does about your content.

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We are coming up on that block list for our domain since that IP address is hosting our site and various email servers use these block lists to determine spam and deliverability settings. I included a screenshot below since hyperlinks are not allowed. Thanks for all the help / input.

I have over two decades of familiarity with Spamhaus, so I know the content of your screenshots quite well.

Sure, and that isn’t likely to change, but it also doesn’t matter.

As I intimated earlier, if a mailserver is resolving the domain names in URLs present in message bodies and then designating the messages as spam based on an IP’s inclusion in the SBL, the operators either:

  1. Don’t know what they are doing and will soon find themselves without subscribers.
  2. Know exactly what they are doing and don’t want email from anyone.

Either way, there is no reason that you should be concerned about a reverse proxy server IP for HTTP traffic being included on a reputation list that is meant to be used in evaluating the origin IP of incoming SMTP connections. Cloudflare proxy IPs are not going to be the connecting IPs in your outbound email and no one that actually knows how manage spam filtering will be using the deficient methodology I described above.

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