Changing ownership of domain



I want to change ownership (move a domain from one account to another) on a domain that I do not want anymore but the organization that I bought it for do.
Is there anyway to transfer a domain to another account?


Hi @very-nice,

I did question this a while back and was told that it would be coming… Currently, I think you will need to contact support for this.

login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support, choose the ‘Get more help’ option.

@cloonan, any update?


Regarding moving a zone from one account to another. You can back up and load DNS settings, but no outright move. I’ve not seen support perform a move. Will dig around but don’t see anything in process.

Regarding changing ownership of a domain, no, have not seen movement on that either, presumably the two functions would/should be related.


Even for just moving a domain with registrar to another account, given that you can transfer out… But no internal transfers?


Here is recent read on this. At this time, it is not possible to affect an inter-account transfer within Cloudflare, however we are currently working to enable this feature in addition to other account management tools in the very near future.


Thanks @cloonan for your answer!
I hope that you will be able to deliver this during the summer :slight_smile:

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