Changing origin server

Hi, my origin server(vps) has developed issues and I am having to move to another hosting account. I have a few sites connected through Cloudflare, all working well. When my sites are migrated to the new server via cpanel will my cloudflare settings still work ? have been I may have to edit A records.


That’s correct. And maybe some other records, depending on your setup.

Thanks for your reply MarkMeyer.

Maybe I can remove the domains from Cloudflare and then re add them to Cloudflare one by one pulling in the a records, etc as when I first installed the domains?

For sure you could, but why?

Cloudflare scans newly added domains, but you’d have to set the new records at a different dns provider (e.g. your registrar) before you add them again. You would also lose all your settings for your domains and have to configure them from scratch. SSL settings, Performance, Page Rules, Firewall etc.

Just get the new values together and change the existing records. That’s a lot easier.

Thank you for your helpful replies MarkMeyer, I will follow your advice.

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You’re welcome.

Let us know if you have further questions or if there are any issues where we can support you with.

Moving servers was very easy using CloudFlare, just had to change the ips in Cloudflare dns. As I was using the same name servers the sites just changed to the new server :slight_smile:

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Told you :slight_smile:

Happy to hear that!

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