Changing of domain


I would look to change a domain name from to How may I go about it?

Thank You

  • Order it from your registrar
  • Add the new domain to your account
  • Change the nameservers for .store to those provided by Cloudflare
  • Done

Btw: you need to set up the new domain from scratch. DNS, TLS, Page Rules, Firewall Rules and so on.

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Hi, I’m only given the option to purchase a new plan for my new domain. How do I change my current domain to the new domain?

As stated above. You need to set up this Domain from scratch. This includes chosing a plan: Free, Pro, Bis or Enterprise.

But I am no longer using my old url, I would like to transfer my pro plan over. Doesn’t make sense for me to purchase another pro plan

That’s not possible, I am sorry.

You could set up a free one and configure it, cancel the Pro plan, change Free to Pro. After that you can re-configure all the other settings if there’s something you rely on, like page rules.

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